How To Play

How to enter our prize competitions:

  1. Select the Competition you want to enter
  2. Choose how many numbers you would like in the draw.
  3. Answer our qualifying question.
  4. Complete payment.

Assuming you answered the question correctly, you will be emailed with your number/s in that draw and also interactively placed onto the competition page (under the Competition History tab) against your assigned number.

Winning Draws

Once all entries are in and the draw is closed, the full list of competition entries will be available to view on the Competition page under the Competition History tab. This will include the date the ticket was purchased, your user name and your draw number.

The draw date and time will be announced on Facebook and on the competition page. The draw will be shown live on Facebook where you will see a screen with the list of entries and the Google random number generator.

Googles random number generator will then be used to chose a winner, the name linking to the winning number chosen, will be the winner, this will be done LIVE on Facebook.

Delivery and Winning Pictures

Delivery to the winner and uploading winner pictures:

  • The prize will be delivered to the winner within 5 working days after the winner has been announced.
  • Delivery is free of charge to all United Kingdom addresses.
  • Winning pictures will be uploaded within 7 days on the ‘Winners’ page.